The origin of “Jvstin”

I am feeling better, to answer a question that (might) be on some of your minds. Perfect and 100%? No, but better than it was.
But based on Deb’s LJ post about her Nano novel and mistaking Justin for Jvstin, I thought I would explain just why that, instead of something else, is my online persona name…

I don’t have a real middle name.
None of my brothers was given a middle name at birth. It was not as popular then as it is now. My older brother did receive a middle name at Confirmation (one of the sacraments in Catholicism).
Neither myself nor my younger brother were as rigrously educated, theologically, and so I didn’t get a middle name by that route.
Peer pressure and a bit of envy played on me. My elementary and then junior high school classmates had middle names (I lived in an area with a high Catholic population). I had none, and felt that isolating factor impinge on me. I didn’t like that feeling.
So I decided that I would invent one.
My first attempt at a middle name was a resounding failure. Although I liked the name Douglas, it drew derision and ridicule. Even into High School, I could be given a rise out of someone calling me “Dougie fresh.”
I decided to be more discreet and private on the matter, henceforth. My interests in Greek and Roman stuff were percolating and growing in high school, and I had read Amber, and felt an affinity for Julian.
Thus, I decided that my middle name, unofficially, was going to be Justin.
When it came to joining the online world, though, I cast about in my mind for a good email name. Justin was of course already used, but I realized that many people might not think of a Romanesque spelling…substituting a v for the u.
And thus Jvstin was born.
I’ve thus tried to use Jvstin whenever possible as usernames on bulletin boards, on IRC, and so forth. I get a little miffed when someone beats me to the punch, such as on LJ itself. I’m the “real” Jvstin.
As far as personality goes, I will point out that Lisa, for example, much preferred calling me Justin in person rather than Paul. She thought I was much more the one than the other, admittedly because she was first exposed to Jvstin. And she is not the only person that has thought of me as Justin/Jvstin rather than my given name, especially *blush* in intimate situations. (The scene in When Harry Met Sally when Billy Crystal’s character talks about names and sexual activity actually seems to apply in my case)
So Jvstin is a very important facet of my personality and is indeed my online “face” at large. I won’t probably ever officially change my real name to add Justin as a middle one, but for all intents and purposes, that is what my middle name is.
And now you know where Jvstin comes from.

One thought on “The origin of “Jvstin””

  1. Nods.
    I bump into this all the time–you are the “real Jvstin” to me. I think the ‘v’ substitution is both clever and indicative of your interests; a nice meeting of theme and ‘online handle’.
    Imagine my own surprise when everyone prefers to call me ‘Arref’ in person. It quickly became comfortable. And it is seldom hard to use in forums or other online communities.
    MaBarry is another online ID that probably falls into this niche.

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