Scenario idea

Inspiration comes where you find it, and talking with Deb about (no surprise) GA has given me an idea for an Amber scenario…more of a “social” game than anything I’ve generally run

No title as yet.
It is fifty years after Patternfall. The realm is at peace, and life is good. Vialle and Random have a son, and, Martin wanting nothing to do with the throne, the son is now the heir to Amber. Not that Random and Vialle have any plans on retirement.
No, the sticky wicket comes on the anniversary of Random and Vialle’s coronation, when their son brings home the woman he has been telling about for months, the woman he would, with their blessing, like to marry. Along with her mother, who has insisted on coming to Amber to meet her opposite numbers…
And since I made a mistake and told too much already to Deb (who cannot play now as a result if I do run it), that is ALL you get.

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