TMQ has returned

Readers back on the old incarnation of my blog will remember the fact that dropped Gregg Easterbrook’s “Tuesday Morning Quarterback” Column after he said some really stupid things having nothing to do with that column or football at all, about the hierarchy of Disney.
Well, the ball has bounced again, and TMQ has returned–this time it is on
I only found this by purest luck looking at the homepage.
Yes, Gregg is an ass in his other columns, but he understands football. Huzzah!

One thought on “TMQ has returned”

  1. Lions mauled the Packers.
    Color me amazed.
    And no, you remember correctly, football and I are not on conversational terms. Being force fed the game via wide screen tv while we ate our meal made me aware of it.
    The Lions actually won.

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