Wish 74: Supplements you would like to see

Ginger asks:
Name three or more supplements (or core books, for that matter) for existing game systems that you�d like to see. Why? What inspires your interest in these supplement? What existing supplements or materials are you using instead?

I agree with Ginger, Rebma is right out.
(Although Arref and Theresa–I’ve love to see the stuff you are doing for Rebma in GA. Any chance of a webpage of stuff, or to forward it to me?)
1. More Nobilis stuff
Yeah, I don’t have the book yet. And there is one supplement, but its a game that can benefit, if not sorely use, some more. After all, Amber is intimidating but at least there are the novels to work with. Nobilis doesn’t quite have that, just the GWB (Great White Book) and the one supplement which, I understand, deals with LARP rules for the game.
2. More GURPS Castle Falkenstein stuff
It’s an intriguing and fun-filled world, and the two books already out there don’t nearly cover enough of it.
3. Reprint/extend Nexus
Nexus is a fun world, where a bunch of pieces of different worlds jam together, all of different levels of magic and technology. Not quite as chaotic, then, as Cynosure, but you could go from the High technology “Angel City” and walk into a world where that technology is junk and magic rules.
It’s out of print, sadly. It could use getting back into print, and detailing some more of those worlds.
Interestingly enough, my conceptual model of how pieces of Ways shift in Chaos Houses, pieces I call “Terrenes” (as Deb should remember), is derived partially from Nexus.
I could go endlessly on, listing various possible GURPS modules, but I figure that would be cheating, a bit, since I have no idea on if they would do a sourcebook on a particular world, topic, or literary universe. Besides, that would be stunningly close to a WISH we’ve already covered, I think, even if iti s for a “existing game system”