Ideas on ACUS thus far

I am still finalizing what and when I am going to run games at ACUS. But in case you were interested in playing in one of my games…

Slot 4: Ad Amber per Astra III
-I think it will be in Slot 4, and it will just be open to veterans of either of the first tw games (although I’d be surprised if I get anyone who was in I but not II).
Slot 7: Guess Who is coming to Dinner?
Pre-generated characters, social interaction, a prospective bride for the Heir to the Throne…and a big surprise. This is the game I’m shanghaing Deb to run an Important NPC, since I blabbed the big surprise to her in its genesis.
Not sure of the slot Yet:
Status Quo Ante Bellum
It’s an alternate Amber, where the War turned out somewhat differently. During the attack on Chaos, when Amber’s forces were at the Courts, a expeditionary force from one of the aquaphilic Chaosian Houses made a bold strike on Amber…specifically on Rebma. Moire was killed, LLewella has fled, and these Chaosians now rule Rebma.
The War has ended, and Amber has demanded, as part of the peace treaty, a status quo ante bellum…a return to the way things were, before the War. However, the Chaosians in Rebma refuse to leave. What’s more, not everyone in Rebma is unhappy at the change in administration either, especially the males, since the new Chaosian overlords do not like the matriarchial system of Rebma and have begun making moves toward more egalitarianism. Plus, Rebma was very much the dependency of Amber before the War, and the new rulers want Rebma to be a free and independent power of its own.
So…Amber is unhappy at this state of affairs, LLewella herself is hosting a “Rebman government in exile”, Chaos is unhappy at these renegades, and Rebma itself is fractured between those who like the new Rebma and its promises of becoming an independent state, and those who want things to return to the way they were. A game heavy on intrigue, spying, and diplomacy, the player characters could be from one of any number of factions, or pretending to be with their own hidden agendas.
And one more game to be determined.

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  1. The Rebma game does sound excellent – I’ll probably have a conflict (pout.) If I don’t, though, I’m so there.

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