WISH 80: Finding a New Group

Ginger asks:
How do you go about finding a new gaming group?

Networking. It’s the only way I’ve been successful in my own gaming group adventures, here in Minnesota and back in NY.
After all, one of my SB players is now my GM in a FTF game. It’s a hike up to get there but I manage it.
Of course if you know no one, that makes it much harder to do. Daunting and intimidating, even, for the somewhat less than complete social gamer.
The bulletin board route has not worked for me. I tried putting up a couple of flyers in NY, to no avail, and the gaming groups I tried to get into didn’t pan out for me (with the exception of the group at Brooklyn College).
Oh, and Ginger…in the NYC area I can think of several gamers right off the top of my head who would love to meet you and Michael. And Deb knows a couple of more…and then there are the Philadelphia contingent…
You will be in a target rich environment.

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