Monday Mashup: Iowa Caucuses

Bryant’s Mashup:
The Iowa Caucuses…

Political intrigue, outsiders, veterans, young punks, and old stablehorses competing for office.
It can happy just about anywhere that has any semblance of elections.
Ginger already took ADRPG as the other half…which would be the obvious choice.
So I will do a little jujuitsu and use…Everway!
Take an out of the way world that the player characters discover via a gate. They arrive in the middle of an election period, and, being Worldwalkers, are recruited and courted by the various factions to lend their voices and their talents to the candidates’ cause.
Which candidate will they choose? And why? This would be a social game, with no clear “win or lose”…but a chance to influence the fate of a world.