Game Wish 82: Three Word Summary

Ginger asks:
Sum up one or more games that you GM or play in 10 words or less. (Three is best, but not everybody is that pithy.) Don�t restrict yourself to current games if you have great ones in the past.

The first and easiest one is easy because Arref coined it years ago–and I even “have the shirt”
Strange Bedfellows (GM):
Mystery, Dreams, Mayhem
Empire of the Gleaming Banner
Shadow also Counts
Bete Noire
No one is Innocent
Ad Amber per Astra(GM)
Lost Amberites Return
Rites of Passage
Coming of Age
Uncle Brand’s Mansion
The Wonder Years
Age of Retribution
Patternfall was only the beginning
Grand Affair
Prurient Interests…and other agendas
Murder at Christmas
Get ready for…Murder
Lunar Ellipse
The Race is On!