20′ by 20 Room on the Nature of Fans

Bryant Durell on the 20′ by 20′ room blog talks about role playing fans and metaplots.

Many people do want to engage in the metaplot for a roleplaying game. Ginger had a good observation in a comment to this post that there is far more Amber material on the web than Everway.
Of course, compared to D20 and World of Darkness, Amber is small potatoes, but it does have a reasonable base of fiction, campaign materials and the like. After all, if you are reading this,you are likely (even if only tangentially) connected to the Amber Community.
Amber does have an advantage over Everway, and, say, Nobilis, that I was talking with Jim Groves a few weeks ago. Amber has “built-in source material” to work from: The ten novels and the several short stories.
Everway just has the Box Set, and Spherewalker. Nobilis just has the GWB and one supplement. Its a much smaller base to work with, and so there is a lot less of a foundation for building large edifices of fan material.
Amber has more out there, too, because its older than either game as well. But stuff like Ginger’s House of Cards (among others) show how similar Everway and Amber are. Its probably not too out of line to say that people who like the one have a tendency to enjoy the other, and Nobilis as well (if only in theory). They are an interesting trio. (And I have heard of at least one Nobilis/Amber cross…)
But my point is that active and interested players, given a chance and opportunity, love to build on metaplots and worlds. Games like Everway, Amber and Nobilis are much more inclined, IMO, to do this than a straight D20 game. When is the last time you heard of a D20 GM asking players to design a duchy that they are going to travel through?
Perhaps, one day, a new edition of Everway will help grow that community, and that Nobilis will begin to truly flower as people learn and understand the game…
…I won’t even wish for the Rebma Sourcebook for Amber 😀

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