Monday Mashup: Around the World

This week’s Monday Mashup is the classic Jules Verne, Around the World in Eighty Days.

What to choose, what to choose?
So many ways to go with this one, I am going to go a bit off the wall and pick an unusual game choice.
Nexus, the Infinite City. I know that Bryant has seen this, since he mentioned it in one of Ginger’s Game WISHes. Others of you might not be familiar with it. I’ll give a review of it in detail sometime if people are curious. Think of it as a world similar to Cynosure and a game system using mechanics later refined in Feng Shui.
Anyway, the mashup:
Set it as a race in Nexus, with the players starting and ending in Angel City. In between, the characters can vist lots of locations, with variable constants of magic and technologym desperately trying to cover a race course that is guaranteed to be interesting in each Zone, especially given the quasi-anarchy that dominates most of the City.