Wednesday Weird #2

Okay, so I know I am doing #2 before doing #1. Deal 🙂
This week, Nuadha asks us to consider that bugbear of a spell, Charm spells

I, too, as any D&D GM, have had to deal with this issue, and I came up with a creative discouragement that should fit quite well.
Setup: The PCs were exploring a revealed section of the Underworld (basically, my version of the Underdark). Seismic activity (which is another long story) opened up a long forgotten route to this realm, and the PCs didn’t take much coaxing to trapeize into this new realm.
Problem was, a small kingdom of humans and Drow sat in the way of their deeper explorations, and the Baron refused to let them go through without some pledges and a “donation”
The Player characters decided to charm the Baron into letting them go through. The Charm worked, all too well. Since this was a high mana zone, the charm continued to work and work even beyond the initial purpose
–The Baron kept sending soldiers after the PCs to make sure “they were all right”. On one occassion this disrupted their plans to attack a small group of Kuo-Toa.
–The Baron’s Drow wife, Lady Meleieve, was not pleased by the drain of funds and resources for this, and so when the characters came back, the party was attacked in the night by Drow nightstalkers (basically a non lethal variation on assassin)
I finally let the charm lapse as they ran back to the surface, one paralyzed PC in tow (the nightstalkers work, and not curable by anything short of temple healing).
Funny, the characters were careful about charm spells after that!

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