Book buying

Inspired by Deb’s entry of her haul at Boskone, I thought I would detail what I picked up on the “buy three, get fourth paperback free” sale at Borders.

Ill Met by Moonlight, by Sarah Hoyt.
A book I’ve heard about, a series up to its third volume already. The main character is a young William Shakespeare who winds up entangled in the doings of real Faerie…
Chasm City, by Alastair Reynolds
Second in the series after Revelation Space. . The action is confined mainly to the odd titular city rather than the larger canvas of the first.
Celtika, by Robert Holdstock
Author of the amazing Mythago Wood (which is coming back into print), this is the first of a new series in involving Merlin, starting with his role on the Argo(!)
Voyage of the Shadowmoon, by Sean McMullen
I haven’t read his more famous stuff starting with Souls in the Great Machine yet, but this is the start of a new, purely fantasy series.

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  1. Was on a panel at a convention a couple years ago with Ms. Hoyt (who was at the time in Manitou Springs, of all places…) I just felt the premise had been so overdone on the book that it just failed to impress me into doing more than reading the preview. And you know I’m a sucker for faery-oriented tales. [sigh]

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