Paranoia XP

Remember Paranoia? And if you don’t, I guess you are a treasonous Commie, an enemy of the Computer and must report to a termination chamber immediately. The Computer is your friend!
A new edition is in the works.
Apparently they are going old school in bringing back the original co-designer in on the project. And they are pretending the hated Fifth Edition never existed…

2 thoughts on “Paranoia XP”

  1. There was no fifth edition. Spreading lies is treasonous. Report to your friend The Computer for termination immediately. Have a nice day.

  2. Paranoia XP

    Remember that a few months ago that I mentioned that Paranoia was coming out in a brand-spanking new edition? I saw it in The Source today, after work, and couldn’t resist getting it. I’ve not read it in detail…yet, but…

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