Californian view of geography

While surfing, I came across this very funny Californian’s Conception of the United States
Having lived there for 10 months, I can say its true. It’s all true.
California is, topographically, a beautiful place. But the people, by and large, have a benighted view of the rest of the country, especially when it comes to weather.
Or in the words of my former girlfriend:
“Snow is something you visit”

2 thoughts on “Californian view of geography”

  1. *snerk*
    Yeah, that hits the nail very much on the head (though, the same can very easily be said of Florida.)

  2. When I was in high school, my parents talked about moving to Phoenix, where my mother’s family moved to from NY long ago.
    I used to complain bitterly. I’m a northeastern girl, and couldn’t imagine living in a place where I could wear a sweater the week before Christmas.
    All my relatives assured me that the mountains were only an hour or two away. I could visit all the snow I wanted.
    They just so didn’t get it when I explained that it just *wasn’t* the same. *smiles*

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