Wednesday Weird #4: Mobster

Nuadha offers up a Wednesday Weird this week: The Mobster

Lots of things one could do with this…
In this instance, the PCs have a meeting with the local capo at his favorite Italian restaurant. But there are peculiarities.
None of the food, none, has garlic, which is unusual for Italian food.
The Mobster does not drink wine.
The meeting is after dark, and in point of fact, no one generally sees this mobster between sunrise and sunset.
You’re thinking Giovanni style vampire from White Wolf, yes?
But you would be wrong.
The mobster actually has an allergy to garlic and similar herbs. Being seen after dark? He has photosensitive eyes. Besides, much of his business is conducted in the evenings anyway.
Oh, and he lost his parents to a drunken driver when he was young–and so never, ever, touches alcohol.
And, the topper of them all, the capo has brought the PCs TO deal with a vampire that has decided to horn in on his action. Imagine the shock when the capo starts calmly handing out holy symbols and the like, having his lieutenants explain their use.