Game WISH 87: Recommended Web Sites

Ginger asks:
What are three or more web sites you�ve used recently as a player or GM? Why do you use them? What do you get from them?

A lot of my choices have been taken, and I dislike a me too approach. So I will offer three original ones:
Because we gamers do shop and gain ideas from books, movies and the like. And there are few better ways to keep on top of what’s coming out. Amazon is not ideal for buying RPG books, because of ordering and shipping glitches. But I don’t know what I did before Amazon for buying other media.
Monte Cook is one of my favorite game designers. His site has previews and free outtakes and add-ons from his products, essays and thoughts on gaming, and other good stuff. Of course you can buy stuff he has done and has been done under his imprint. Sure, its D20, but the ideas, like any good ideas, are platform independent.
Patricia Wrede’s Worldbuilder’s Questions
A set of guidelines useful in creating worlds and shadows.