Game Wish 88: In your wildest dreams

Ginger asks:
What is your favorite Moody Blues song?
No, actually, she asks:
Do you ever dream about games and characters? Do you incorporate the dreams into your games? How? Has it been successful or unsuccessful?

Like Ginger, I have vivid dreams. Full color, sound, and often unusual plots.
Sometimes my dreams wrap around RP characters and situations. I’ve dreamed *about* gaming, as well as about my characters and about my fellow players.
I’ve detailed some of these in my livejournal.
As far as the use of my own dreams in my games, I generally don’t use the dreams as fodder themselves. But dreams, and the Dreamlands, are important in my games, and I’ve really only scratched the surface of such topics. All of the charter PCs in SB started off with a dream sequence involving the blond haired man, Valerian. Many of the other characters have had dream experiences of one sort or another.
But I thought I would share one vivid dream of mine with you that I might have shared before.
In Arref’s Empire of the Gleaming Banner is the Unbrood. Its difficult to describe what it precisely is, but I like to think of it as a collective sort of intelligence, and malevolent.
In my old bed, a bunk bed turned into a singleton, much of the frame was intact. I had one of the heavier blankets draped over it, since I didn’t need it one particular night. And that night I had a dream that the sheet was actually a manifestation of the Unbrood, and that I was going to be the intended victim.
This startled me awake and out of bed before I realized just what it was and what it actually was.
I’ve rarely been so frightened in my life. Such was the power of the dream.

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  1. Actually, I was thinking of the Reverend Horton Heat song, but that’s neither here nor there.
    (My favorite Moody Blues songs are Nights in White Satin and 22,000 Days.)

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