New FDA Fish Guidelines

Well, the FDA has released new guidelines on eating fish.
I am horrified.
The basic guidelines for children and pregnant women are:
Do not eat shark, swordfish, king mackerel or tilefish because they contain high levels of mercury.
Eat up to 12 ounces � two average meals � per week of fish that are lower in mercury, such as shrimp, canned light tuna, salmon, pollock and catfish.
Check local advisories to determine the safety of fish caught by family and friends. If no such advice is available, limit such fish to one six-ounce portion a week and don�t consume any other fish that week.
Why aren’t we outraged that we’ve polluted the oceans enough that we have to have our kids and pregnant women limit their fish intake because of an excess of a pollutant?
Even canned tuna is not completely safe. Ironically, in a cruel joke, fast food fish is probably safer than other kinds of fish because pollock doesn’t tend to concentrate mercury as much as other seafood.

5 thoughts on “New FDA Fish Guidelines”

  1. The first studies were out before I was pregnant with Ryan. I read up on them and limited my fish intake, although I had eaten more, likely, when I was pregnant with Dani. After all, those omega 3s are good for producing lovely baby brains.
    The irony? They are now saying farmed salmon is worse than free. Which means most of the salmon we eat has a higher mercury level, and this is the stuff grown in captivity!

  2. I knew there was a reason I didn’t like fish.
    Of course, it turns out that the few I CAN eat are the ones that I shouldn’t be eating.
    I can’t win.

  3. I’ve decided that any religion in my name isn’t eating most of those fish (add catfish to the list) because they’re in a suspicious place in the food chain. Besides, they’re some of the “fishiest” of the fish. It’s the not eating sushi while pregnant that might get me…except that most of the stuff I really love is actually cooked. (And I haven’t been able to eat most salmon while pregnant anyway… though I love it otherwise.)

  4. Boo yah!
    I always knew my Fish and Chips fetish would come in handy 🙂 Less mercury with my order, please!
    It’s not just fish, by the way. Even ignoring E. Coli (which is a big problem) and Mad Cow (which isn’t such a big problem), each variety of meat has its boogie man. There trichinosis in pork, additives in almost ALL of our beef (Bovine Growth Hormone, for one huge example), pesticides, and other nasties.
    The vegetarians aren’t off the hook either. Some places (*cough*Mexico*cough*) have a high incidence of human offal make its way into the fields, and hence the veggies. E. Coli outbreaks here in San Diego, and cases of Hepatitis have also been linked to contaminated and/or unwashed vegetables.

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