Doctor Who casting

I didn’t know until a couple of months ago that, finally, eight years after the movie, and fifteen years after the last televised episode, that the BBC was bringing back Doctor Who.
Yes, Doctor Who.

I remained skeptical of such things, but now, I hear, they have finally casted the 9th(?) Doctor, Christopher Eccleston
The name probably isn’t familiar to Americans, but he is apparently a big actor in Britain. I have actually seen him once, however, he played the husband of Nicole Kidman’s character in “The Others”. A small role to be sure. But I thought he did well in the part.
Counting Paul McGann’s TV movie Doctor as the 8th, this would be the 9th Doctor in the chronology of the series (assuming they do keep it canonical).

One thought on “Doctor Who casting”

  1. As I mentioned to you last night, I know him primarily from the British show Cracker. I haven’t seen anything else that he’s been in, but I enjoyed his acting in that.
    I’m very interested to see what he’s going to bring to the Doctor, though. And how they’ll handle things like the movie. I’m also curious to see how much times will have changed the view of the Doctor.
    But yeah, I’m excited.
    Now to see who they’ll cast as his companion.

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