Wednesday Weird: B&E

Nuadha’s newest Wednesday Weird is…breaking and entering.

Take a fantasy realm of some sort, be it Amber, D20 or what have you.
The PCs have been hired to extract some choice items from the house of a powerful, vanished sorcerer. They are expecting traps, wards and guards, and there are those in plenty.
The fun begins when they get inside and go for the boodle. Visions, thoughts and other things plague their minds, especially when they grasp and touch objects. At first they’ll think the house is haunted. But, slowly, gradually, the awful, incredible truth comes to the fore.
The House, and its contents are mapped onto the mind of the sorcerer. She has taken the idea of a memory palace and made it a physical reality.
Now, if they do try to remove their targets, bad things happen. Items with memories of spells are dangerous and might actually fire off if manhandled. Worse, the sorcerer will be unerringly able to find them, and isn’t it unethical to steal memories anyway?