Monday Mashup: Madonna

Bryant’s latest Monday Mashup is the pop icon, Madonna.
And, no, Ginger, I am not going to do Pop star in a D&D world…

I’d use her in none other than Nobilis. I see Madonna as an anchor for a Power of pop music, pop culture or other related fields. A plot for a game could revolve around her continual renaissances…is this something that the Power who has her anchored is doing? And what if this meddling conflicts with other anchors and Power’s plans for entertainment? How much is Madonna aware of the Nobilis world, anyhow?
A chameleon, ever-fascinating person that’s perfect as a “real-world” NPC to be dropped into the Nobilis realm. While, sure, the bit with doing famous people as anchors or Powers can be overdone, the GWB (from what I have read of it) does it anyway–Helen of Troy, Newton, and others.

2 thoughts on “Monday Mashup: Madonna”

  1. Where that threat comes from is a Dragon Magazine article wherein Peter Adkisson talks about a bard character of his who was based on Stevie Nicks. He talked about her career and her ‘hits’ in a way that told me he didn’t get it about how music worked in a premodern/early modern setting.
    It was a moment of terrible disappointment for me. This is a guy who had a big hand in TPO, and this was something I really could not respect. Feet of clay, and all that.

  2. Hi, i am a huge RPG fan, but most importantly a huge Madonna fan …i feel that the most interesting part of Madonna is that she is able to
    appropriate from other cultures whenever she wants and sells the latest fad … this sounds confusing , but take for example her performance in Japan after Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon came out … she made a complete performance based on Kung Fu and other stereotypes of Asian culture … Her power is most definetely related to her adaptation and abiltiy to sell Pop Culture in any part of the world! the idea of allowing Madonna to transform her powers to different cultures should be considered ….
    I work for a company that currently sells madonna tickets, so if you are looking for a deal from a fellow rpg fan, let me know 🙂

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