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With thanks to Meera, and some luck on my web host, I was finally able to get a complete export file from the MT installation I used to have at all-roads-lead.
With that, and with Meera’s sorcery, now the Compleat Blog, Jvstin Style is now available here at this edition of BJS (since the A-R-L edition had had the original mindspring blogger edition of BJS long since enfolded into it).
So now you have one stop shopping on every blog entry I’ve made. I probably will slowly clean up the older entries. And make sure I am not repeating myself.
Thanks, Meera.
I noticed, despite my previous talk about same, that pop-up comments still happen on entries accessed through archives. I need to fix that. (And yes, I promise, Meera, I will explain just what voodoo and jury rigging I did to get rid of them without a plug-in)

2 thoughts on “All archives, here”

  1. Blog entries, maybe, but not all your journal entries. You still have to go to LJ for a bunch of those. 😉

  2. Although if you’d like me to export your LJ to your blog, I’ve got this really good little program I used… [grinning]

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