Studs and Sluts

Amber, over on the Epynomous Amber’s Amber, talks about female versus male sexuality in relation to her GA characters.

The Madonna/Whore complex strikes again.
Her character Jayla seems to be, is regarded as being loose, and thus she feels is being ostracized and painted negatively. She’s not a royal, and worse is married. This does make a difference IMO.
Because there is a double standard in our society and doubly so in a quasi-Renaissance society such as Amber. Princesses can get away with more, of course. Jayla has to be careful as to not be seen cuckolding her husband too bluntly, or else there would be horrible and harsh repercussions.
SB’s universe works much the same way as implied in GA. Asteria, say, is known for being sexually omnivarous, but does not take much flack from the fact, but even so, characters such as, say, Astin, have a much easier time of being sexually indiscreet.
Anyway, the discussion at Amber’s Amber is hot and heavy and well worth your time.