Wish 95: Color

Ginger’s latest question is colorful…
How many colors do you like in your gaming? Do you prefer four-color games? Or should game morality be black and white or shades of grey, and if the latter, how many? Are �evil� characters acceptable? Does your preference depend on genre? Do your preferences affect the genres you like?

I’ve never been in for true “Black and White” morality. Most of the villains in my games are heroes in their own books, even as they do what is to everyone else evil acts. The villains in, say, SB, do what they do not because they relish the idea of doing evil, its because they have goals of their own which are radioactive to everyone else.
With that said, I do prefer to play, and GM, for players who want protagonist roles. Now players might do things that get them in deep water, by accident or by design, but I am much more comfortable GMing for heroes rather than villains. And I don’t like playing “Evil universes” either. A world where Brand is King and the PCs are vicious enforces of his regime is not the kind of game I want to play in–or run.
There are no villain PCs in SB–although a couple of figures are ambiguous because of the choices they have made and what they’ve done in the game-intentionally and otherwise.