IMC: Fates of Fallen Cast Members

As asked to by certain friends and acquaintances, herein lies the detail of every no-longer-active PC in Strange Bedfellows, from start to present.
21 of them in all. 21 characters. Some lasted only a short time, others lasted for most of the span of the game.
21 learning experiences for me. Or failures of GM-ship.

1. Jeff Tyler as Astin, son of Leona
Jeff has decided to leave the game (5/04). Astin will be retired into Shadow.
2. Tristan as Clarissa, (eventually revealed as daughter of Mirelle)
After an sticky incident with a Omphalos Door in Arden, Clarissa decided to leave Amber.
3. Bonnie Roe as Larissa, daughter of Dalt
Larissa’s player left the game in early 2003. The PC will eventually be phased out of storylines.
4. Cathy Ozog as Malachi, son of Brand
Malachi’s turns became fewer and fewer, Cathy having other priorities. The character currently is an NPC and has been since 11/2002, the character is somewhere in the environs of Amber.
5. Chris as Rylan, son of Finndo
Like Cathy, Chris had problems with time and other priorities. Rylan became an NPC in August 2002. Rylan is currently in Amber.
6. Sarah as Shannon, daughter of Fiona
Sarah’s time and school priorities took higher precedence. Shannon became an NPC in September 2001
7. Romilly as Toireasa, daughter of Gerard
Romilly wound up with time pressures of her own, finally giving up the character in July 1997. In October of that year, Mike Levay took over the character and kept the character until Spring of 2004. I am currently in negotiations in finding a new player for her.
8. Fynn McCool as Triton, son of Corwin and Moire
Another of the original players, Fynn provided key storylines and interesting inter-PC conflicts, especially with Jayson, until he left the game in March 2000. The character lay defunct and unused until July 2003, when Jim quietly approached me about making him his secondary character.
9. Zesmerelda as Helias, daughter of Bleys
Not quite starting with the rest of the group on time, Helias was a strong and powerful amazon time, a half-fire elemental daughter of Bleys new to Amber at game start. Zesmerelda finally tired of the game and left in 2001. Helias has been quietly an NPC ever since although she has not been seen much. If not for her striking presence early in the game I would let continuity wash her away.
10. Brian Blalock as Kyle, son of Brand
Kyle joined the game in November 1996, as a colorful and pyrotechnic son of his father. Kyle got himself into lots of interesting plots, especially revolving around his father, until 2000. In 1999, his turns became slow, and in 2000, he finally stopped posting all together.
Kyle is currently an NPC.
11.Scott Olson as Charlandria Helgram
One of my biggest shortcomings and regrets, Scott’s pit-diving character was in the game from September 2000 to Summer 2001. He disagreed me with how I run combat, and Elders and other things.
This was a very painful departure for me which some people are quite aware of, and its very easy to push my button by invoking his departure in any grousing or unhappiness.
For continuity purposes, I have decided Charlandria’s fate will eventually be learned by members of House Helgram in due course.
12.Doctorjest as Hannibal Wererathe
Zesmerelda’s husband was in SB in 1997 for a brief while but found it not to his liking and stopped shortly in matters. His character was excised for continuity purposes.
13.Nicole Amendolara as Dagny, daughter of Luke, Granddaughter of Brand
My friend Nicole joined SB in August 1997, starting her character on shadow Earth, her existence recently deduced by her father. After a number of adventures, after visiting Amber, too, her character eventually faded away into shadow as her posts asymptotically approached zero in 2001.
14.Sherri as Liath, daughter of Bleys
A brief experimental character for Keith’s girlfriend in 1998, who was set in the home shadow of Keith’s character as a hitherto unknown child of Bleys. Sherri did not prove conducive to Amber, roleplaying or email, and I erased the character from continuity.
15.Josh as Antar, son of Dalt
From 1998 until 2001, Antar was the character that kept raising the stakes on stupidity. From blasphemy to the Serpent, to trying to attack Random while in Amber, to finally trying to impersonate Suhuy, he kept raising the stakes again and again, until there was nothing left to do.
So I “killed off the character”. I ended the character, his character eventually being transformed into a demon without much memory of his crimes and idiocies.
It was the first time I ever actively killed off a character in any game of any kind that I’ve run.
16 and 17.Angel and Andrios
More regrets, these were characters of Jim’s better half, Karen Groves. Of strange parentage and strange crossbreed origins, the characters were in the game from 1999 to 2000. Karen and I eventually decided I was not giving her a pleasurable experience in SB, and so she departed from the game.
I am slowly having continuity wash away their existence from the game.
18.Nicole as T’Gana Hendrake
One of my first real Secondary characters was this retired General of Hendrake played by Nicole. From January 2000 to July 2001, she was Hendrake’s equivalent of a PI, working on things on behalf of Belissa Minobee, the House Head.
She is still on the case as an NPC
19.Bonnie Roe as Daenerys
A secondary character for Bonnie, Daenerys was designed to add another twisted background character to Bonnie’s repertoire–more twisted than even the character herself knew. She played Daenerys from 2002 until she left the game in 2003.
The character is currently an NPC but is going to be retired and continuity will eventually fade her out of matters.
Sandie Phelps as Aesa Helgram

A friend of Bonnie’s, I had Sandie join SB in March 2002 and immediately regretted it. Possessed of ungrammatical writing that was painful to read, I quickly came to the private conclusion that she was not a good fit for the game. I finally had enough by the Fall of 2003, and ejected her from my game, and like Liath above, had continuity make it so that Aesa never existed.
21.Mike Levay as Rhionde, daughter of Brand
A secondary character for Mike, I started Rhionde in February 2003. A daughter of Brand with unusual genetic makeup, the storyline went along until Spring 2004 when I asked Mike to leave the game in general. For continuity purposes, again, Rhionde never existed.

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