Game WISH 98: What’s NEW

Ginger’s 98th WISH is a simple one:
What are three games or settings that you�ve bought or seen recently (in stores or previews) that you�d really like to try? What interests you about them and why?

I’m going to skip mention, like Arref does, of Nobilis.
The new version of WOD? I’m not enthused.
Paranoia XP. Now that I can get behind! I didn’t play Paranoia much, just a couple of times, but I definitely enjoyed it. I’ve love a chance to play it or run it.
While the core rules of Gurps 4th Edition won’t likely swing me over, their Infinite Worlds setting is something that is definitely my cup of tea. I don’t think that readers of this blog are unaware of my heavy use of such ideas and importations of such ideas into Amber games. So I will definitely be looking at IW when it comes out.
The Book of the Planes that David mentions on his blog. sounds tres cool. Is it any surprose to anyone that I have the D20 WOC offering? And I even have a copy of the original Manual of the Planes, published way back before Planescape.
I have the core book for Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed. I’d love to get The Diamond Throne and actually try running a set of characters in the world.