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It looks like the switch to Guardians of Order is really, really going to happen for the Amber Diceless game…

Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 03:40:05 -0400
From: (Erick Wujcik)
Subject: AMBER An end to Phage/Amber Sales!
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Please pass the word!
12 July 2004 and 31 July 2004 will be the last dates for Phage Press to sell any Amber Diceless products, including, mail order, or
The transfer of all Amber Diceless assets to Guardians of Order continues on schedule. One item on that schedule is “Remove Amber-related purchase options from the Phage Press Website,” which will kick in on 31 July 2004. That will be the absolute last date for ordering Amber Diceless, Shadow Knight, or Amberzine.
As far as t-shirts and other ‘soft goods’ are concerned, because many items require special orders, there will be no more orders accepted after 12 July 2004.
Current plans call for one final issue of Amberzine, which will likely be the biggest Amberzine ever released.
One last note: If you have EVER paid for a Phage Press product which you did not receive, please contact Erick Wujcik ( sometime BEFORE 31 July 2004. This includes advance orders for “Rebma” and the “French Amber Tarot Deck Translation,” as well as any subscriptions for Amberzine that extent past Amberzine #12.
Thank You!
Erick Wujcik
Phage Press