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Experimenting with colors for the main text of my blog today. I want something other than plain white for a change, but nothing too far away that I have to change text colors and the like, too.
Just so you all know not to adjust your television sets, err, adjust your monitors.

Be careful of what you wish for…

Remember my entry a few days ago about Blog Spam?
Well, today, I got a comment which really crossed the line. It was basically the type of email that your spam filter is designed to catch.
Let me say this so as to be perfectly clear to any potential spammer reading this blog. THIS IS NOT A PLACE FOR SPAM. Polite comment on posts is welcomed, encouraged, desired. Advertisements are not. Period. No one here is going to want to look at your links to enlarge body parts that my female readers don’t even have, and the male readers are likely happy with, thank you very much.
What do you call a lifeboat with room for one, and a spammer and a computer virus writer both trying to get into it before being eaten by sharks?
–A “win-win” situation.

Blog Spam

Well, I’ve had my first taste of what could be called Blog Spam today. The funny thing is, the comment is in a post from over a month ago.
Someone posted a comment which seemed to be nothing more than an ad for his rather odd website.
I haven’t deleted the comment, its just not that irksome to me. (if it was a more recent post, I might have been tempted).
Of course the *nice* thing about MT is the ability to do something if this becomes something out of hand.

Sprucing up things at BJS

I’ve been doing a little more Blog sprucing up today during bits of free time at work, after taking down the “Fair and Balanced” notice.
A Blog of Harald is finally linked on the sideboard. Just took me a while to remember to do it, especially since Harald is one of the few, the proud, that actually has a link to my modest little corner of the Blogosphere.
I added and fixed a couple of categories here (including one for Monday Mashup). I get trackback pings about as often as President Bush gives full, unscripted, news conferences, but perhaps part of that is because I discovered a whole raft of my categories didn’t accept pings. That’s now fixed.
Oh, and since I now ping, my “last updated” should finally show up on people’s Blogroll scripts.