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Degrees of Kevin Bacon

The Volokh Conspiracy
The Volokh Conspiracy has a couple of notes on the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, including a link to a website which computes “Bacon numbers”. There is even a note that President Grover Cleveland of all people has a Kevin Bacon number of 6.
I do better than President Cleveland, however. My Kevin Bacon number is 3
Paul Weimer is on the Videssos Mailing List with Steven Silver
Steven Silver was on Jeopardy with Alex Trebek
Alex Trebek was on Celebrity Jeopardy with Kevin Bacon.
(And, therefore, a bunch of you all have a Bacon number of no greater than four, as a result of linking to me via things like Bete Noire, Grand Affair, Strange Bedfellows, etc.)

So I did install RON after all

So I did install Rise of Nations last night after all (after pushing out a few posts for SB).
After playing one of the tutorials (there are more of them than in the demo), I started but did not finish a “quick battle”. I’m playing the Spanish, on a map with the Egyptians, Chinese and Aztecs.
One thing about the different Civs that I didn’t mention before is that they do all get special abilities as well as special units. My Spanish, for example, start off seeing the whole map’s resources and terrain (although not where the opponents are, or special “goody ruins”). The Aztecs get extra resources when they kill enemy soldiers. The Egyptians can build more farms than the rest of the nations and can build two wonders per city, rather than one. The Chinese can build citizens, caravans and such instantly. (Everyone else takes time). It seems the designer took a lot of time to try and balance these very different special traits (and consider that there are 12 more Civilizations, with their own, too).
So, in this game so far, I have not had anyone declare war on me yet (not even the murderous Aztecs). There are a few brushfires between the three computer Civs, though. Then again, I am playing on easy level to get used to the full game.