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Land Developers as Tolkien fans

Clearly there is at least one out there.
While doing Document Registration of Mortgages today, I came across a Mortgage for a property in “Lot 4, Block 1, Isengard Second Addition.”
It’s the sort of thing almost no one is ever going to see outside of a Real Estate office, or, well, Public Records here in Minneapolis. It’s not like a street name, which everyone can see. This is far more subtle, and I thought it amusing enough to share.

Drought, Drought, let it all out…

Well, its now official. Minnesota is in the throes of a drought, and apparently the driest summer in fifteen years.
The crops are just doing awful, up here. Yields are going to go down and prices will likely go up. The economics of this will eventually ripple out to the rest of the US, too. Sure, the dry, warm, clear weather is great in the short term (and it does help cut down on the mosquitoes), but this is just not funny anymore.
I’d gladly take some of the rain which has inundated the NY city metropolitan area as of late.

Ren Faire and the Snow Gryphon

Snow Gryphon Page
Today, The Olsons and I went to the Ren Faire down on the south side of the Twin Cities in Shakopee.
Although some bad connotations with me and previously visited Ren Faires threatened to spoil my visit, I managed to get over some early morose feelings and enjoy myself.
Of course, half of the fun going to such an event is the booths. The Minnesota Renaissance Faire is no exception, with a wide variety of wares to sell. And I found myself tempted at the booth of Windwolf Studio. While not quite at the level, monetary and otherwise of, say, Ruth Thompson (who also had a booth), I fell head over heels for a print of a rather unique Gryphon.
I like Gryphons (or Griffins if you prefer). Not as overdone as, say, Dragons, there is just something about the combination of big cat and bird that appeals to me. A merging, if you wanted to get mystical, of earth and sky. I point to the fact that Hadrian and his shadow of DuMarque have a Griffin as a special symbol and protector.
Anyway, the rather unique picture (which can be see at the link at the top of the entry) is of a Gryphon composed of a snow leopard and a gyrfalcon. I forced myself away from buying it the first time I saw it, mainly because I was still in that bad mood. The next time we passed by the booth in our looping travels, I was strongly tempted, and told the Olsons that I wanted to stop by the booth before we left.
When we did make that final trip, I picked it up. Sure, it cost me $25, but its absolutely unique, and gorgeous. And it helped to “make my faire”, especially when the Olsons decided to throw in a surprise. Once we left the shop, Felicia went back in, ostensibly to look at other stuff. What I didn’t realize until we got back to the car and she handed it to me was that she had gotten me a t-shirt with the very same picture as well. No doubt I will wear it at next year’s ACUS.
Really, sometimes I don’t deserve such generous friends.


Yesterday, Sunday, the Olson family and I went on one of their annual (semi annual?) pilgrimages down to Owatonna, MN. There lies the Cabela’s superstore.
It’s an Outdoor sporting goods store. Everything from fishing poles to kayaks to, well, an extensive gun selection. The restaurant upstairs has some unusual items on the menu, including Venison Ostrich, and Caribou along with the more standard fare.
It’s quite a place. We spent much of the time in the gun section–since Scott does own and fire guns, Felicia has fired guns (especially during her short stint in the Marines) and Damion wants to learn to fire guns next year when he’s legal to do so. And I? Well, although I couldn’t hold it worth a damn, even I picked up a gun or two in perhaps unconscious imitation.
But even besides the firearms, its a rather intriguing place. There is a substantial aquarium, the aforementioned restaurant, and the largest collection of taxidermic animals this side of the Museum of Natural History.
Afterwards, we went to the megamall (aka Mall of America) where I somehow managed to be the only person not to buy anything. But, then again, we didn’t pass near one of my major temptations there–the Atlantic Book Warehouse.
All in all, a long, but good day.

Another Temp Job

Finally, I’ve managed, in this weak economy, to at least score another temp job. I started yesterday, and this will run (theoretically) until the end of August. I am working for “The Man” again, this time over at the administration building for Hennepin Cty. I will be reviewing and looking at documents sent in pertaining to mortgages–seeing if the requests are properly filled out.
It’s a job that my trainer wants me to do by visual inspection rather than “thinking too much” about any particular document. So I need to unlearn some of my habits in order to do this job. We’ll see how it goes.

Thank God, a temp job

Finally, my persistence has paid off, so to speak.
Starting Tuesday, I will be temporarily out of the ranks of the unemployed, and working at a temp job in downtown Minneapolis. Perhaps reassuringly, this was from a temp agency with whom I met only a few hours previous to getting the phone call with the offer. I have to call and get all of the details tomorrow, but it looks to be working with Excel spreadsheets for a Medical company.
Something is better than nothing, even if it is only a one month assignment

If you don’t like the weather…

…wait a half-hour, it will change.
It’s an expression I had heard for Minnesota, and I have had first hand evidence.
In the last 72 hours, here in Blaine, MN we have had:
Record heat (90 degrees)
Ice and a bit of wet snow falling with the rain
Temperatures hovering in the 30’s and 40’s.
Fun fun fun. But I kind of missed storms. The lack of overhead wires, though, means fewer blackouts than I am used to. The blackouts I can kind of live without.