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The Kodak House

The Kodak House, in Mesa Verde National Park, is not a case of product placement or corporate sponsorship gone awry, thankfully.
The reason why this is called the Kodak House is that camera equipment was stored in one of the rooms by early Mesa Verde investigator Gustaf Nordenskiold. When he first examined the site it had already been severely damaged by treasure hunters, so he just used it as a storage area while investigating more intact nearby locations such as The Long House and Nordenskiold Site #16 (You’ve seen my pictures of the Long House, but I did not have time to hike out to the overlook to see Site 16. Next time!)

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The geography of my life 2012

Didn’t go so far and distant in 2012 as in some years past. It was a very quiet year that way. I am hoping 2013 will be far more expansive that way.
Places slept in 2012:
Roseville, MN (home)
Marion, IA
Grand Marais, MN.
Furthest North: Entrance to Ouimet Canyon, Ontario, Canada
Furthest East (and South): Louisville, KY (Mid America Truck Show)
Furthest West: Jordan, MN