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2010 NFL Season–Championship Round
And so the matchup is set. Titledown versus Steelertown. The Jets Namath Curse kicked in at the beginning, spotting Pittsburgh a 24-0 lead that they couldn’t climb out of, even if they did try. The Packers outlasted three quarterbacks from Chicago, even if they played rather sloppily.
Pittsburgh versus Green Bay. A matchup full of NFL history and tradition, and two pretty darned good teams. I am hoping for another exciting Superbowl. I remember the bad days of the late 80’s and the early to mid 90’s when Superbowls were mostly blowouts. We’ve been lucky the last few years. Here’s hoping that streak continues.

2010 NFL Season–Divisional Round

Deliriously happy with this week’s results!
No, I have not joined the Jets bandwagon and will not do so. However, the fact that the Jets knocked off the Patriots is a Good Thing. I no longer have any root-against teams that would spoil watching the Super Bowl.
From the perspective of My Friends The Olsons™, it was even better than that, as the Packers after a slow start dismantled the hapless Atlanta Falcons. With the Patriots gone, and only the Bears in their way, the Packers might now be the Super Bowl favorite. I certainly would rank them ahead of the Jets or the Steelers…
And I fully expect as per the Namath Curse, that the Jets will screw up the AFC Championship game again, and lose to Pittsburgh next week.

2010 NFL Season–Wildcard weekend
Well, I didn’t expect the Jets, in a rematch of last year’s AFC Championship game, to actually beat the Colts, but the 17-16 victory says otherwise.
In other news, the highly favored Saints lost to the 7-9 division winning Seahawks in Seattle. So not only is Seattle the first losing-season team ever in the NFl playoffs, its the first to win a game, too. Scott’s Packers knocked out one of the two teams I do NOT want in the SB-the Eagles. And the Ravens rolled.
I find myself rooting for the Jets next week. Not to get on their bandwagon–but to hope they knock the Patriots out of the playoffs…

Green Bay 45 NYG 17
And that, my friends, is the season for the Giants. The loss of the Eagles to the Vikings means the Bears have little to play for, and so the unlikely combination of a Giants win against the Skins and the Packers losing to the Bears, the only way the Giants make the playoffs now, is now virtually impossible.
The Jets lost but still are skidding into the playoffs.
Maybe before the Sun burns out, we’ll get a Subway series Super Bowl, but its certainly not this year.
I suspect that in a reversal of recent times, this year is going to be a Super Bowl Blowout–with the New England Patriots taking home another crown. Enjoy it, Belicheat.

NYG 21 Minnesota 3
The game was a day late and a Favre short (his record streak is now at an end), but the Giants finally played the Vikings–and won. I am concerned about Bradshaw’s injury in the fourth quarter, but the 1-2 punch of them running got the game done. I was less happy with Eli’s two picks.
That sort of play is not going to give them a chance against the Eagles, whom the Giants (again) face next.
And as far as the Jets…it does seem the Namath Curse and 1986 is in full swing, as the Jets lost again.

Mirror Universe Post NE 45 NYJ 3

(NB: This post came from the mirror universe, where I am a Jets, not a Giants fan)
The Namath Curse strikes again. For a moment, I believed that the 9-2 record was not a repeat of the ’86 fiasco, when we started 10-1 and then skidded to 10-6. I dared to hope.
I should not have dared. 3 Interceptions, and the unstoppable Tom Brady later, we lost 45-3 to the Patriots. No patsies today, that’s for sure.
Next up for Gang Green is Miami. We usually fight them hard, so maybe they will be a cure that ails us. If we lose to Miami…I will be convinced the crash and burn phase is in full mode.
In other news, the Giants seem to be bouncing back from their loss to the Eagles a couple of weeks ago, with a strong win over the Redskins.

Granted, it is only the Redskins. The Giants are still only the second best team in NYC. We’ll see if Favre can beat them again next week when they come up here to Minnesota.