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Google Earth as a Planetarium

Introducing Sky in Google Earth: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance
I remember the days when I shelled out $50 for a good planetarium program. (Redshift).
Now, there are not only freeware planetarium sims out there, but now, this:
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Google today announced the launch of Sky, a new feature that enables users of Google Earth to view the sky as seen from planet Earth.
With Sky, users can now float through the skies via Google Earth. This easy-to-use tool enables all Earth users to view and navigate through 100 million individual stars and 200 million galaxies. High resolution imagery and informative overlays create a unique playground for visualizing and learning about space.
To access Sky, users need only click “Switch to Sky” from the “view” drop-down menu in Google Earth, or click the Sky button on the Google Earth toolbar. The interface and navigation are similar to that of standard Google Earth steering, including dragging, zooming, search, “My Places,” and layer selection.

Neat Google Tools

I can see why Microsoft fears and loathes Google so much.
It’s because that they have been quietly building a suite of browser applications that, while not perfect, could definitely keep Bill Gates’ minions up at night. (I am sure that Gates sleeps soundly).
Liz turned me onto Google Calendar.
Many of you have probably already seen Google Earth, or use Google Maps.
Today, I discovered a notes program called Google Notebook. Its not ready for prime time and thus is on their “labs page”.
Such unfettered creativity is definitely a threat to Microsoft’s hegemony.

Google Earth?

Google Earth – Home
Via SfSignal
In line with their photo organization program, and desktop, now Google apparently has a “explore the Earth” software called Google Earth. While the heavy duty versions cost $, the basic version is, apparently free.
My PC doesn’t have the horsepower to run it. Maybe my next one…or maybe one of my readers will try it and give me news on how well it actually works.

Thunderbird 1.0

Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0 Release Notes
It seems that, on the heels of releasing the 1.0 version of Firefox, the folks at Mozilla have gotten their email client Thunderbird to 1.0 as well.
There is really not much that Internet Explorer can do that Firefox can’t at this point, and I find the blocking of pop up ads and the lack of adware/spyware a boon for Firefox. I do more than 90 percent of my web browsing with Firefox now.
Thunderbird is far more resistant to spam than Outlook Express. I no longer use the latter.

APE 3.0?

Adobe Photoshop Elements
Not long after I purchase Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 (at a reasonable price at Chez Target), I now discover Adobe has come out with a third iteration of the program.
I just can’t keep up, can I? The new additions and changes seem more along the lines of organizing photos rather than many new features for working with them (although there are clearly some of those as well).
I suppose at some point, I will have to decide–APE 3.0 or Photoshop in full.