My dear friend Felicia had

My dear friend Felicia had a horrible experience with Circuit City recently.
Like many electronics store, they have a price matching policy. Felicia bought from them a rather nice (and expensive digital camera) that was intended as a gift for her irrepressible husband Scott. Now, of course, not long afterward, she discovered an ad for the identical item, at a price several hundred dollars less. However, due to a fine print technicality beyond belief, they have rejected her request for the price matching. It’s the literal equivalent of declaring a page of text spoiled because a t was not crossed.
Needless to say, Circuit City has lost a customer, once Felicia returns the camera (to buy it at the other store of course). I have never been a big patron of the store to begin with, but as having extensive experience in my soon-to-end job, I can appreciate Felicia’s anger. Policies are policies, even if its painful to cop to them. Changing the rules of the game in mid stream is, in a word, unethical, and I have gotten very angry at customers who have tried to accuse me of unethical behavior. So, Circuit City’s duplicity irks me in a way far beyond simple sympathy for Felicia.

Looks like Wendi is joining

Looks like Wendi is joining Chris Kindred’s ILL Met in Amber game.
I really need to get into some GOOD games and with good continuing GMs. Empire of the Gleaming Banner certainly fit that bill, but that cycle unfortunately is done. On the other hand, I AM now a part of Deb’s Rites of Passage, so that counts in my favor. Still, I get a little jealous when I hear about some of the other continuing games out there at Cons that I have the bad luck or choice never to get into. Chris Kindred is one of the Gms that I need to experience, I think based on what i have heard from people like, say, Bridgette. I managed to get into a John Davies game this year at ACUS even if I didn’t shine.
I just hope that someday people will want to actively get into my games based on my own reputation.

Moving a little closer to

Moving a little closer to Amber matters today…the allure of cousins in Amber.
A fair number of games and campaigns explore to varying degrees the idea of relations between Amber Royals, and most of these are between first half cousins. On the other hand, some GMs and players are very uncomfortable with the idea. It’s definitely a case of your mileage may vary.
The genetic consanguinity, however, in a recent study, has been shown to be less of a problem than one might think. Yes, there is an increased risk of birth defects and problems, but that risk is not much more than strangers, or at least not as much more as you might think. And in Amber, its rarely full first cousins who wind up having sexual relations, at least to my experience…its usually half first cousins, which reduces the risk further.
An interesting MSNBC article talks about all this (the cousins, not the Amber part). The writer has a definite POV but the article is definitely worthwhile.

Even the great Ursula K.

Even the great Ursula K. LeGuin has gotten rejection letters.
Go ahead and read this rejection letter she received for what many consider one of the best SF novels (or novels period) of all time, The Left Hand of Darkness.
Just goes to show you aspiring writers out there that even superlative talent can be missed.
The Date, by the way, for my move to California has been set at 5/2/2002.

Work has eaten my free

Work has eaten my free time terribly as of late. I’ve barely done anything for Bete Noire, much less my own poor blog here.
Some food for thought, though for you, Gentle Readers.
I thought of a party game today at a relatively stressless Sunday at work. It’s a variation on a theme.
I’m sure you’ve heard of the idea of “Desert Island books”…if you could only take five books with you on a desert island, what books would you take and why? My idea is “Desert Island People”. Suppose you had to be exiled to a desert island for, say, a year. You can take five people that you know with you. Who do you take? All sorts of subvariations come into play–just co-workers, just friends, the island could require you to need to survive and so you would need survival oriented types, or it could be a comfortable exile, and it would be people you could stand being with for a year with no one else.
Interesting, no? At work, we mainly focused on co-workers, since that was the original inspiration. There are no right or wrong answers, and its fun to debate things back and forth “I’d want him, he’s strong. I’d usually pick her, but a year of her sense of humor would get on my nerves.”

From and apparently NOT

>From and apparently NOT an April Fool’s joke of any sort.
The SCI FI Channel announced that it is developing an ambitious slate of original miniseries and movies, including several backdoor pilots for possible series. Anchored by its upcoming 20-hour epic miniseries Taken, from DreamWorks Television and Steven Spielberg, SCI FI said it will air four major movie or miniseries events a year, starting in 2003. A list of miniseries and movies follows.
(Mentions of other projects snipped)
�The Chronicles of Amber. Based on Roger Zelazny’s best-selling 10-volume series, this four-hour miniseries tells the story of a royal family with amazing powers over time and space, which is plagued by in-fighting as it tries to unite against a sinister enemy. Richard Christian Matheson will write the screenplay. Tom Patricia of Patriarch Pictures will serve as executive producer.
Well…if the SCIFI channel can do a passable Dune (far better than the Lynch movie in my opinion), perhaps they can do Amber passably. In any event, its interesting news to say the least. So by 2004, perhaps, we will have a film version of the Eternal City. But how do you do five books in four hours?
I can see the Casting Thread rearing its head, AGAIN on the AML.
Still…we shall see what happens.