No longer “GOLD”en

George Plimpton has passed away.
Although he was an author and a man of letters, I know and remember him for something relatively small, but important to me.
In the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, in its Gem and Mineral Room is a tiny theater which has been showing the same short movie for (assuming its still playing) for over 15 years. That movie is “GOLD”, and tells the story of Gold, from its origins in the earth to its modern-day uses.
Nearly every time I went to the Museum, be it by myself, with my family, or with friends, I insisted on seeing the movie. I probably can to this day recite the movie from start to finish, since I’ve seen it well over a hundred times.
The voice of the narration for this short subject is…was George Plimpton.
Rest in Peace.

Wish 66: Left Turn at Albuquerque

“I knew that I should have made a left turn at Albuquerque”–Bugs Bunny
Ginger asks this week:
GMs can spend hours designing an adventure and have their players take off in an entirely unexpected direction. How does a GM handle this�try and steer the players back to the designed plot, or hang back and see where the adventure goes? How does a player handle this? Stay on target or go with the flow?

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The Classic Blunder

I was talking with my co-workers yesterday, and apparently one of them is a Princess Bride fan, and we together came up with this little gem:
Bush and therefore the U.S. fell for “the classic Blunder”…never get involved in a Land War in Asia. In fact, we fell for it twice. At least we didn’t match wits with a Sicilian when Death is on the line…
So I guess the President has never seen the movie or read the book. Even if on the other hand he is, according to JMS, a fan of Babylon 5.

To Nano or not to Nano…

Kathryn Cramer reminds us that the newest Nanowrimo is upon us. The goal? To write a 50,000 word novel in one month, namely November.
Last year a couple of readers of this Blog tried it–Deb is the one whose name comes immediately to mind. I lamented halfway into the month that I had not the cojones or foreknowledge to try it.
The question is–will I try it this time?
Ideally, if someone I knew was also doing it, I’d be more inclined…or at least more inclined not to give up. But “writing a novel” is one of those “woulda, coulda shoulda” things that many people have in their lives.
And it might even be fun. I’ve no lack of ideas, anyway…although sustaining them for 50,000 words might be a challenge. The longest thing I’ve worked on as one document is the still incomplete “Marcus Murder Mystery” which clocks in at around 8000 words so far–but I’ve outlined its plot and I think it will likely push 10000 once I am done.
So again…to Nano or not to Nano, that is the question.

Livejournal account

Thanks to Deb, I got myself one of the free LJ accounts yesterday. I’m not sure I am going to use it for too much (although perhaps stuff on Delwin and Iolaus for GA and other things which might not “fit” in here come to mind). The main use is so that I can comment on other people’s LJ’s (Deb’s, Jenn’s, Ginger’s, etal) without being anonymous.
Anyway, my LJ id is PrinceJvstin (Jvstin was long since taken, more’s the pity). But I will likely disclaimer myself on entries on other people’s LJ’s until everyone realizes who I am. And Deb has been telling me about friend lists and other miscellany.
Fun fun fun.


I guess my quirkiness is becoming more noticed at the office. Today, when the head of the Department came over since he needed someone (me!) to fix a giant batch of mistakes in the database, he saw my background screen with Mars on it.
He asked me if it was “my home planet.”
I guess my reputation for reading SF and stuff is *that* noticeable. But still…I discuss sports and stuff and other things with my co-workers. I’m not that eccentric.
I don’t know when this temp assignment is ending. I’ve learned a further step today, and an accidental (honest) overhearing of my immediate boss felt good–since out of the small group back here, I was the only one she deemed good enough and trustworthy enough to fully register documents. But the paper suggests Hennepin County is not hiring any more people–even if they could likely hire me and save money on the deal, since they have to currently pay me AND a fee to Dolphin.