Gernsback redux

This was so good, on Theresa’s Making Light, that i had to quote it here in its entirety.
Ralph 4CR looked around in astonishment. �You mean� there are invisible beams all around us, carrying information to all parts of the globe, even as we speak?�
The Master of Communications turned towards him solemnly. �Yes,� he asseverated, �and the information is not carried whole, but is broken up into a myriad of infinitesimal packets, to be reassembled without fail when they reach their destination.�
�You astonish me,� breathed Ralph. �And this information is accessible to all?�
�It is,� nodded the Master. �The issues of the day are debated by all citizens, no matter where they may be located, and communication no longer waits on tides or weather.�
�And what are the great issues so decided?�
The Master cast a glance at the poll on his screen: Which Jedi Knight Are You? He looked severe. �I fear our issues would mean nothing to you across the great gulf of time you have traversed. You should go now and refresh yourself. We will speak later. You have much to learn. Vanna, show our young guest to his room.�
A lissome blonde appeared from behind a curtain and beckoned�

Not so much fiction anymore

Insurgents deploying rocket-launcher-equipped donkey carts attacked symbolically important and well-fortified buildings in Baghdad Friday, just hours after a top U.S. commander proclaimed progress in the military’s newly aggressive high-tech counter-insurgency operation.
Washington Post
Rockets Hit 2 Baghdad Hotels, Oil Ministry

I wish I had a copy of Poul Anderson’s THE HIGH CRUSADE around, because I sure as heck remember the medieval English using a trick with trebuchets and bombs at one point in the novel against the aliens (once they’ve been landed on the alien planet)
That’s what this reminds me of, a mixture of low and high technology to go against an ostensibly superior fighting force and cause significant grief in the process

Game WISH 71: NPCS Unwritten

Ginger asks: (taking up the one that Arref posted during Ginger’s break):
For GMs : when you plan or play your NPCs, do you intentionally leave out some of the story for each? Do you hold something back and let the Players imagine the rest or do you present NPCs from the core of who they are? Is time a factor�a short game or one-shot not allowing much character depth? Does NPC expertise shine through? Or are there character foibles that cloud the better qualities of the NPC? Are there short-cuts to get this across?
For Players : Do you rely on the NPC as presented, or are you usually looking �between the lines� to figure the elements that are hold-backs? Do you care that the NPCs might have as many conflicted qualities as the PCs? Should a game really revolve around the PCs in every respect, including a certain �artificial� quality to the secondary cast? Or are you happier if the NPCs are �sticky�?

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Rebma and Fire

Arref writes: on Rebma and Fire. And no, that’s not a contradiction in terms.
IMC, there is definitely sorcerous fire, although I conflate the first and the second together. They are really manifestations of the same thing, different wavelengths on the spectrum of sorcerous energies. I don’t have an equivalent to the Emerald Flame, however. Rebma’s sea life and bounty come from its unusual nature when it was created ex nihilio, rather than anything that needs to be maintained.

Live and Direct, Network 23

(Bonus points to anyone who gets that joke)
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