6th Century AD Cometary Impact??

The mid 6th Century AD was, by the sparse accounts, not a good time to be alive. Crop failures, summer frosts, and the plague that hit the Byzantine Empire.
A theory by Cardiff University researchers is rather intriguing…a cometary strike around 536 AD, exploding in the atmosphere. Tree rings show a severe climatic shock for several years thereafter, which could suggest an explosion in the upper atmosphere, and the resulting plume reducing light levels, driving down temperatures and the other hallmarks of the once-feared “Nuclear Winter”.

What’s good for the goose

Remember back in the halcyon days of the era of our former leader William of Arkansas, where the opposition kept chanting about one of his own scandals. “Its not the sex, its the lying.”
In response to the growing kerfuffle over Bush and the National Guard Service questions, I say now to those who used that line of reasoning:
“Its not the dodging of service, its the lying.”
I mean, come on, releasing the results of a single DENTAL EXAM as evidence? this dripping of papers is absolutely in character with this Administration. When in doubt, obfuscate, deny and stonewall. Or release as little as possible. Even over matters which are (compared to a lot of the crap they do) relatively minor.
This would be funny in a fictionalized setting, in an imaginary country.

“Movies that must not be”

Over on Obsidian Wings, there is an interesting thread about movies which were so bad, so horrid, that it is easier to deny their existence, since they clearly would have disrupted the space-time continuum with their existence. Example…did Batman and Robin really happen? Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze? Anatomically correct batsuits? Must have been a bad dream…
Pretty funny. Although you will undoubtedly find movies brought up that you actually did like. (In my case, The Fifth Element)
But its worth a read.
Via Brad De Long’s post, where he has the game running too.