Imprisoned by mistake? You owe us room and board!

Okay, the logic of this escapes me.
The Labour Home Secretary of Great Britain is asking for the right to charge wrongly imprisoned people room and board for the time they spent in prison.
Yep, so not only were you imprisoned wrongfully, you get charged for it in the bargain!
Worse, can’t you just see certain members of this Administration, or the administration of various states, thinking its a wonderful idea?


Not quite a tenth planet, but scientists have discovered a body about 3/4 the size of Pluto, orbiting the sun at a much greater distance.
It’s been named Sedna, after an Inuit Goddess. It’s also the largest object discovered within the Solar System since the discovery of Pluto.
It also has a highly elliptical orbit. It probably is nothing more than a very large object of the (theoretical) Oort cloud around the Sun.


(Alas not the Terry Prachett novel, which I need to read, along with the rest of Discworld beyond book one…)
Did you know that North Korea endorses John Kerry for President?
Or that John Kerry’s cousin is French? And worse, he was the Environmental Minister for France?
Or that the English band Coldplay endorses John Kerry too??
Jingoism at its finest, ladies and gentlemen readers.