Double NCAA Champions

I don’t follow basketball, but I have to be impressed with the University of Connecticut, having won the NCAA Basketball Championship for both its men’s team (which torched Georgia State in its final) and now the women’s (beating Tennessee). This is the first time a Division I school has managed this feat.
The women’s team has now won three straight NCAA basketball championships and the men’s team has won its second in six years.
The conclusion is inevitable. No matter what your gender, if you can play hoops, then Uconn is the place to be.
Here in Minnesota, the excitement was pretty high this year because the women’s team had its best outing ever, getting to the Final Four (and being beaten by eventual champion Uconn).

This Tragic Glass

Elizabeth Bear, known to her friends in the ACUS community as Sarah Bear (except I am idiosyncratic in calling her Elizabeth on most occasions) has a new story up on called This Tragic Glass.
The title comes from, and the story is about, Christopher Marlowe. And highly recommended.
It doesn’t surprise me that Sarah Bear would write an SF story about Marlowe, since he IS one of her major interests. It would be equivalent to me writing a SF story with Greco-Roman themes…