Inspired by Recent Events

Perverse Access Memory: Farewell Doc%u2019s Blog
Ginger mentions that there is an ebb in gameblogging as of late, especially when it comes to memeing.
Ironically, without seeing this, I was thinking about a game meme at work. Can I turn it into a series? Maybe, if there is interest in such a thing.
NB: Expanded the idea to include one-shots at cons and the like, on a tip from Ginger’s answer to the first IRE.

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Are Viruses Alive?

The December issue of Scientific American tackles this thorny topic, along with a wonderful Terminator/Matrixesque “robot” depiction of a virus on the cover.
The most intriguing nugget from the article (not available completely online, alas, go and get the issue) is the theory that cell nuclei are viral in origin.
Its commonly accepted that several key cell structures of eukaryotic (higher animals and plants) organisms are derived from bacterial forebears which symbiotically worked together. In particular, mitochondria and chloroplasts, both of which have their own DNA. (Mitochondrial DNA, in particular is useful in studying evolution)
The article suggests cell nuclei got their start from a viral origin. After all, prokaryotic organisms such as bacteria have their DNA all “hanging out”.
Intriguing, don’t you think? If that is true, then viruses must be older than the origin of Eukaryotic life. I always thought viruses were younger than that.

Verrazano Narrows Bridge

Verrazano Bridge Opened to Traffic
Today is the 40th Anniversary of the opening of the longest suspension bridge in the US, the Verrazano Narrows.
Old timers in Staten Island will tell you that it was the date that Staten Island started to go wrong because it made immigration to the forgotten borough practical and easy, since you no longer needed to use the ferry, or cut through Jersey, to get to “the city”.