One Pro Bowl selectee for Big Blue – Probowl
It doesn’t take a genius to guess that its none other than Tiki Barber. Responsible for half of the team’s offensive output, fumble as much as he does (this year less so), he IS the heart and soul of Big Blue. If anyone was going to get on the Pro Bowl Team from the Giants…it should have been him and I am happy for him.
Ahman Green and Shawn Alexander are the other two RB’s for the NFC side, both equally good choices.

Why I might get in trouble with a school board

Pandagon: Dumb Question, Dumber “Educators”
I would have little tolerance for this claptrap, if I was in a school system mandating this idiocy. And, worse, if I was teaching a subject other than Biology, I could make a lot of enemies quickly by supporting the Biology teachers.
To wit:
(Paul teaching an High School Graduate Class)
“Hello class, today we are going to learn about the Theory of Gravity. I want to emphasize that Newton’s Theory of Gravity is a Theory, not a Fact…”
I think I probably would annoy vice principals, principals and such quite quickly with such tactics.

Classy show at the end of the Baltimore-Indy game

MSNBC – Manning 1 shy of TD record as Colts win
The Colts won, and yes, Manning did throw one TD pass, putting him at 47 compared to the record of 48, but it is the class he showed at the end of the game which is important.
Near to the end of the game, the Colts, with the lead, intercepted a pass from Baltimore and ran it back to near the Baltimore goal line. With little time left, all Indy had to do was run the clock out–or they could try and pad Manning’s stats by trying to tack on more points.
Manning took a knee twice to end the game. I think its the right decision. The game is not in the end about stats, its about winning or losing.
What if Manning had tried to go for the record and, heavens forbid, been sacked and injured on the play, bad enough to miss the rest of the season and the playoffs? What then?
There are still two more weeks for Manning and his record. And unless something catastrophic happens, he will break Marino’s old mark. Neither the Chargers nor the Broncos have the Ravens tough defense to limit Manning’s golden arm.