Lions of Al-Rassan Movie?!

Sci Fi Wire — The News Service of the Sci Fi Channel
I actually saw an email about this from the GGK website, so it is authentic. Warner Brothers has attached director Ed Zwick to direct an adaptation of Kay’s LIONS OF AL-RASSAN.
Color me skeptical of how this is going to turn out. Just remember Sturgeon’s Law–and with the good way HP and LOTR have turned out–there is going to be a lot more shite out there in movie land. But I do think that the fact that WB is set to do this movie is a consequence of the success of the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies. (That controversial adaptation of Earthsea on Sci-Fi is another byproduct of the success of the two movie series)
I’m surprised, though. I would think that the Fionavar books would be more “movie-friendly” because of the demographics of its protagonists.

Blog plagiarism

TalkLeft: Who is Rohan Pinto and Why is He Plagerizing Blogs?
Via Talkleft, we learn that one Rohan Pinto has been copying blog entries wholesale from various sites, and posting them on his own, AS his own.
Its just utterly bizarre. I mean, link to, say, Talkleft and put a couple of cents in, that’s common in blogging circles. But to copy the entire post, word for word?
Baffling. I don’t see any of my entries on his blog, though. It would be sad and funny if my small little BJS attracted his attention to do the same thing to me that he’s done to others.

Bats and Wind Farms

NPR : Wind Farms Blamed for Killing Migrating Bats
I heard this story on the drive into work this morning. Apparently, windfarms in the Appalachians are being blamed for the death of a fair number of migrating bats.
I never knew before this story that bats actually do migrate, I’ve previously figured that they were strictly territorial creatures. It does go to show you that nothing is perfect, and even “clean” power, if not designed properly, can have unintended effects on the environment.

Ire #9: Inauguration

I debated heavily the topic for this week’s IRE, since I have two equally good, although very different choices. Perhaps next year I will go with the good Dr. King’s birthday as the subject of an IRE.
This year, this week, however, I am going to go with the Inauguration. Tomorrow, January 20th, is the quadrennial American Presidential Inauguration, and the subject of this week’s IRE. I think we can broaden it to include things like coronations and the like, too…

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Two lost chances

GameCenter: Recap – – Official website of Super Bowl XXXIX
The Jets proved that they are truly cursed, missing not just one, but TWO game-winning field goals, in their valiant but ultimately unsuccessful game against the Steelers.
Of course, one might argue the Steelers should never have let the Jets stay so close, but one might say that about the Chargers last week.
Still, though, the Colts or the Patriots (depending on who wins tomorrow) just might be able to knock off the Steelers, if the Jets were able to keep them so close.