Game IRE #22: Changing Hands

Lord, has it been several weeks since my last IRE?
Time to change that, then!
Today marks the 340th anniversary of the reincorporation of New Amsterdam by the English into the colony of New York. Its an important and momentous occasion, a turning point not only in the development of New York, but America in general. ((L.E. Modesitt Jr. Ghost books, as a divergence, have a Dutch-dominated New York and New England surviving British attempts at incorporation).
So, the handover of a valuable colony or country between rivals…and the people in the colony caught in the crossfire…

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Implausible Alternate History

Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal: The Honor of Marse Robert
Brad De Long shows us an example of an implausible alternate history, co-authored by none other than Newt Gingrich.
Indeed, I might not have a history degree, but I agree with Brad that Robert E Lee losing the entire Army of Northern Virginia in one fell swoop is completely ludicrous.
This is why Dr. Turtledove and his equals are such great writers. They don’t make mistakes like this. Their alternative paths in history feel plausible.

Searchable Great Book of Amber

Google Print Search: The Great Book of Amber: The Complete Amber Chronicles, 1-10
The link above goes to the Beta site for Google Print search, that thing where they scan in books, and make them searchable (technology allied to what does). Since it just shows individual pages as snapshots, it would take a lot of work to try and copy out the entire text.
On the other hand, it makes searching for references in the GBOA much easier!
UPDATE: There are limits to the thing. A couple of attempts at reference searching came back with blocked pages, apparently in deference to copyright concerns. So its not a COMPLETE reference after all but still useful.

Knives out for Felt

Obsidian Wings: When Is It Right to Remove a President from Office?
One of the many links talking about the Peggy Noonan piece where she excoriates W. Mark Felt, the revealed “Deep Throat” that gave crucial information in the Watergate scandal.
Here is Noonan’s article . It’s…just beyond parody. This is worse than the magic dolphins for crying out loud. Ben Stein, a person whose dry comedy I find funny, has also written an article slamming Felt for bringing down Nixon.
It’s just stunning to me. This new spinning of Watergate is absolutely amazing.
I shouldn’t be surprised in today’s political climate, but I am.

Lunchtime Poll #28: Retro, baby

Ravings of a Textual Deviant � Blog Archive � Lunchtime Poll #28: Retroactive Continuity
Li asks:
Rather than debate the merits of ret-conning, let�s go for a case study. What�s your most memorable bit of retroactive continuity, good or bad? What, if anything, would you have done differently?
I think I will stand pat and use my answer based off of the 20×20 discussion involving Alais and Percy in Strange Bedfellows.