Cinematic D20 style RPing

Deep in the Game: A really good idea
On Deep in the Game, Bankuei relates a great time he had running a game of Iron Heroes (the *new* variant Players Handbook from Malhavoc Press, not related to the Arcana Unleashed line).
It sounds like a lot of fun. I must needs get a copy of this, even if the esoteric stuff that Monte Cook puts out is usually more my speed. But, still, Lankhmar style D20 gaming could be lots of fun using this…

John G Betancourt

A couple of weeks ago, a couple of commenters (my brother, Greg, and my good friend Arref) asked me about what I thought about Betancourt.
Honestly, I’ve not read any of the Dawn of Amber novels. While I’ve heard bad things about them, derisive things about them, dismissive things about them, I’ve not been motivated enough to put it on my “never will read this” list.
OTOH, my friend Felicia has read a couple of the DOA novels, and enjoyed them. Maybe one day I will borrow them from her and see for myself, good, bad or indifferent.