What is China?

Brad DeLong’s Semi-Daily Journal: What Is China?
Brad De Long links to an essay by Robert Reich (which I recall hearing on NPR some weeks ago) where he talks about the nature of China.
I remember a conversation with my brother just around the time of Tianamen Square massacre. His conviction was that China was on its way to a Democracy. I disagreed.
I could only wish that he were right and I were wrong, but time has seemingly proved me right. We’re still in the midst of the Mao Dynasty.

London Wall Walk

London Wall
My brother in a recent comment mentioned traversing the London Wall Walk with me a decade and a half ago, when we visited London together. A little Googling has found an online version of the booklet that we purchased and used to follow the route. We got as far as the Museum of London, in the Barbican.
One day, I want to do it again.

That Old Time Science Fiction

The Sky People
Although I haven’t read it yet, I mentioned back in January a quasi old school E.R.B. style SF novel that has recently come out called Paragaea.
Now, I’ve discovered, as seen in the link above, that S.M. Stirling is going to publish two novels set in an alternate world where Mars and Venus were terraformed by unknown forces and become the site of Cold War conflict a la A World of Difference.
The Venus-themed book is coming out first in the fall and will be called The Sky People. The other book in the duology will be called In the Halls of the Crimson Kings and will be set on Mars.
I really like Stirling’s stuff (The Island in the Sea of Time and Conquistador in specific), so I am quite interested in these forthcoming books.

Maybe we can’t get along, in the end

The train bombings in Mumbai
The new “two front” conflict around Israel
North Korea saber rattling
The train wreck that is Iraq
The resurgent mess in Afghanistan
The blind eye or shoulder shrugging most of the world gives the genocide of Darfur.
And on, and on and on…
Maybe we can’t all get along.
Maybe we are just stupid, tribalistic smooth apes who can’t get their act together and are doomed to return to sad pools of warring civilizations, forever, to paraphrase Dan Simmons.