My friend bakes!

Atwood Cookie Kitchen
Introducing the Atwood Cookie Kitchen, my friend Deb Allen’s attempt to spread her delicious taste sensations to other people in exchange for money.
Delivery is only available in the Albany area at this time. But as someone who has tried her cookies at various Cons, I can personally attest to their quality.

Mut Precinct Archaeological Dig Site

Brooklyn Museum: Mut Precinct
People who have been to New York or live in the area know that NYC has *two* world class Museum collections devoted to Egypt. One is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The other one is in the Brooklyn Museum. I admit, years ago, I was skeptical when I first went to the Brooklyn Museum, having been spoiled on the MET. The Brooklyn one, though, does hold up.
I discovered tonight that the Brooklyn Museum has a website, and a flickr photostream devoted to their ongoing archaeological digs in Egypt.

Transit of Mercury Today

Don’t forget about the Transit of Mercury today. My friends on the East Coast won’t see all of the 5 hour event before the sun sets, though, since it starts at about 1:15 EST.
My friends in Europe, alas, won’t see it at all.
Here, in the Great White North, a solid layer of clouds ruins any chance of me seeing it.

NYG 14 Houston 10 – Houston at New York Game Recap
An ugly game, one that the Giants should have won by more than 4 points (upset minded bettors probably made a bundle off the bookies on this one!).
Still, this was a bad day for good teams, with the Falcons falling, the Patriots falling, and most pertinently, the previously undefeated Bears fell to the lowly Dolphins (echoes of 1985).
And those newly imperfect Bears are the Giants next opponent, in the featured Sunday Night game. Its going to be tough, the Bears have got to be riled and pissed. If the Giants can beat them, though, then my boys can arguably seat themselves as the best team in the NFC…