The Placid Rum River in Monochrome

The Placid Rum in Monochrome
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Although I didn’t intend specifically to take pictures on World Photography Day today, I did go take pictures in Peninsula Park, a small city park up in Anoka, MN where the Rum River meets the Mississippi.

Rife with historical significance as well as geohydrological, I went around the park and took pictures. 🙂

More pictures from the park are available here:

ShyFoundry Fonts

ShyFoundry (formerly ShyFonts Type Foundry) :: Original free and pay fonts for Windows and Macintosh.
Once upon a time, a font designer named Derek Vogelpohl came up with a number of free fonts, released by himself and in conjunction with a type foundry called Apostrophic Labs.
I am pleased to discover that Derek has decided to return to font-making, with a new home for fonts old and new.
I look forward to the new fonts that Derek and his team have in store!

The Multiverse (Brian Greene and Robert Krulwich podcast)

Radiolab サ The (Multi) Universe(s)
This is a great podcast of a conversation between string theorist Brian Greene and Robert Krulwich of WNYC’s Radio Lab, talking about the structure of the universe.
What delighted me about this was that Greene talks about a favorite idea of mine–that if the universe is sufficiently large, in the distant reaches (10 to the 10 to the 29 miles away, at least) there is a planet almost exactly like Earth. My conceit that somewhere, my life is depicted on a TV show could be actually true.
There are plenty of other interesting speculations that Greene puts up, and Krulwich does a good job keeping it at a level which non-scientists can understand.
Definitely worth a listen.

SF movie adaptation meme

SF Signal: MEME: Top 48 Sci-Fi Film Adaptations
Still, in looking over the list, I was surprised by how many of the originating stories I did read. Or start – there was one book I couldn’t finish. Seemed like a good subject for a meme, so, here are the rules.
Copy the list below.
Mark in bold the movie titles for which you read the book.
Italicize the movie titles for which you started the book but didn’t finish it.
I am not going to tag anyone. I have few enough readers as it is.

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Roberts’ Insult–also on NPR

This contention by Cokie Roberts that Obama’s visit to Hawaii is “too exotic” was also spewed, without counter, on NPR. I’m very disappointed in NPR in allowing Roberts to spread this insinuation without any response or counter.
Hawaii is a state, d*mn it. I don’t think Sen. Obama should submit his travel plans to Cokie Roberts for approval.

Dragon Gate

Dragon head closeup
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A pair of dragons form the gates to a private road in Blaine, MN. I’ve never seen the house at the end of this road, and I’ve never met the owners, but these gates have been here since I’ve moved up here.

More pictures of the dragon gates: