The end of Astroland?!

Owner: Ride’s over at Coney Island amusement park
NEW YORK – When reports circulated over the weekend of a last-minute deal to keep Coney Island’s historic Astroland amusement park open for another year, owner Carol Hill Albert was not amused.
Indeed, her tone was bitter as she described plans to close the park Sunday night in lieu of an agreement with the city or with private developer Thor Equities, which have competing plans for the 3-acre Brooklyn site.
“Despite rumors to the contrary, there are absolutely no negotiations going on, and there never were,” said Albert, whose family has owned Astroland for more than four decades.
The park would close permanently, she said. Late Sunday night, visitors were herded out of the park and the lights were shut off for the last time.
The Cyclone, the famous Coney Island roller coaster, and the 150-foot-tall Wonder Wheel, a Ferris wheel, are separately owned and landmarked by the city so they are unaffected by the closing.
News that Sunday would be the last gasp for Dante’s Inferno fun house, 22 other rides and three arcades drew hundreds of nostalgia-minded visitors, including elderly residents of the beach area and families with children who had never ridden on the Tilt-A-Whirl or the Water Flume.
This makes me sad. Astroland is, was, old school amusement park goodness on Coney Island. Even if the Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel are still open…the closing of Astroland is the end of an era.

Walter Jon Williams and SPORE

Angel Station: SPORE!!!
You may have heard of SPORE, the “SIM Everything” game soon out (the creature creator has been out for a while.
SF writer Walter Jon Williams has just outed himself as having been a part of the project:
From the link above:
Spore, the world’s most eagerly anticipated video game ever, releases this weekend.
I wrote it.
Or rather, I wrote all the dialog and some of the situations in the space game, which is the last— the ultimate, if you will— of five interlinked games that make up Spore. (There’s not a lot of call for dialog in most of the games, since characters won’t yet have evolved language.)
When you encounter some fifteen-eyed, twenty-tentacled Purple People Eater lecturing you from the command center of its UFO, you’re talking to me, baby!
Faithful readers may recall, earlier in the year, my mention of a Mystery Project. Spore was it.