Land of the Lost One Sheet debuts

Via Cinematical,a teaser poster for next summer’s Land of the Lost movie.
Consider me neutral on this, as I have mentioned before.
The original series had some good moments, even given lousy production values. They had real science fiction writers (including Larry Niven) penning episodes. It’s a good *idea* once you tease out the entire concept from the various episodes.
On the other hand–aren’t there any new ideas out there? Is Hollywood so bankrupt that we need yet another series-turned-movie? Land of the Lost might have had some good ideas–but how do you sustain it for an entire movie? What tack do you take so that a modern audience of 18-34 year olds will see it? I could certainly do a treatment myself, but it probably wouldn’t be “commercial” enough.
Will Farrell. Sure, he can be extremely annoying, but he has done some okay work. I was pleasantly surprised by the Bewitched movie–which was a movie about a tv series remake of the original series. But, then, I am a sucker for Nicole Kidman, and the movie has Michael Caine in it as well. He also did well in Stranger than Fiction and Anchorman. So, given the right director and script, Farrell actually can do well.
The question is, as said above, what do they do with the material?
So there we are. It probably WILL be a butchery of my tv viewing youth, but maybe it will actually be worth watching. We shall see.

Twas the Night

Twas the Night Before Christmas
And in the Olsons’ House
Paul Weimer was housesitting
Two dogs, but no mouse
I had no stockings,
no chimney to spare
With sprained ankle
I tread with due care
Christmas presents would wait till the morn
So movies and blogging I did forlorn
All was quiet in the deepening night
Myself soon bound to bed tonight
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and everyone take care of yourselves.

Mind Meld Participation

Mind Meld.
The fine folks at SF Signal occasionally do a little project they call “Mind Meld”, when they ask SF authors and others questions on various topics. They’ve been doing a several part series on “The Best Genre Related Books/Films/Shows/Games Consumed In 2008”.
In their latest installment, Part III, despite me being a fifth(sixth? nth?) rate blogger, they decided to ask, amongst other people, ME.
Go and read how I answered the question!

NYG 34 Carolina 28 (OT)
How the Giants pulled out a win, I’ll never quite know. It was a tight game, and even without Burress, the Giants got what they needed from the running game.
Home Field Advantage is a huge thing, but its hardly a “done deal”. I recall last year a team which won three road games at Tampa Bay, Dallas, and the coldest game in NFL history in Green Bay, knocking off all of those teams to get to the Super Bowl.
I wonder what the name of that team was? 😉
So, Home Field Advantage is nice, but its only the start.

Security Theater for the Holiday Season

TSA Prohibited Items List
The link above is the link on the TSA website on items prohibited on airplanes.
In the spirit of the Christmas season…
Other Items
Snow globes and like decorations regardless of size or amount of liquid inside, even with documentation.
Carry-on No
Checked Yes
Snow globes. A threat to *your* airplane safety! You can have them in your checked baggage, but if your child wants to hold the snow globe Grandma gave her, and take it on the plane–there will be trouble. Merry Christmas!
Security Theater. I don’t feel safer.