Spacecraft To Crash Into Moon In Search Of Water

Early this (Friday) morning, NASA will deliberately crash a spacecraft into the moon, creating a new, man-made crater and possibly revealing hidden deposits of ice
The Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS will send an empty rocket part at 5,600 into the surface. Instruments on the satellite and telescopes on earth will study the dust plumes generated by the impact for signs of water. If there is more water than the thin amount of hydroxyl ions recently discovered, it should be obvious in the plumes.

Blogger-Endorsers Must Disclose Their Freebies

Bloggers who favorably review companies’ products and receive benefits, like a free game console, for those reviews need to disclose to their readers such ties, the Federal Trade Commission has ruled.
For what it is worth, if I receive a book for free to review, I *always* mention that in the review, and I always will. I think my reputation is such that I don’t necessarily give a fluff review to something I have received for free, anyway, but I always make it clear if I have received an ARC, promotional copy, or what have you.